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All Activities

Scouts are expected to obey the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto, Scout Slogan and Outdoor Code at all times.

Physical contact will not be allowed. The exception to this rule is during adult-supervised special games. If fighting or other unacceptable behavior occurs, the Scouts may be immediately removed from the activity and their parents contacted. Horseplay is not allowed at any time.

Skits will be presented according to standards of good taste and will be approved by the Senior Patrol Leader and adult leader.

All adults accompanying trips are the Scoutmaster's representatives regardless of position. Determination of disciplinary actions shall be initiated by the Scoutmaster or adult in charge and require a consultation of at least two adults leaders.

If a Scout requires special attention a parent or guardian may be required to attend all events. The Scoutmaster and the Committee will make this determination.


Meetings include learning activities and fun activities. Scouts are expected to listen and participate, as directed, during learning activities.

Scouts who are disruptive may be removed from the meeting and counseled. If problems continue after the Scout is permitted back into the meeting, the parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their Scout.

Scouts will stay in the meeting area until the meeting ends. Scouts are to be promptly picked up by their parents or pre-arranged designee.