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New Members

Dear New Scout and Parents,

Let us be the first to welcome you to Troop 70! We are very happy to have you join us for the upcoming year of fun-filled and exciting activities. We believe in the BSA philosophy of developing a young man’s leadership skills by providing him opportunities to plan, organize and execute troop and patrol activities.

Troop 70 is “Scout lead” or “boy-run,” meaning the Scouts take on all the responsibilities from initial planning to final execution under the careful eye of experienced Scouts and Adult Leaders. Leaders play a vital role as mentors, advisers and safety monitors. Scouting is not accomplished alone. It only works when parents participate in the Scouting experience; we therefore encourage at least one parent to join our Troop Committee.

Our Committee hopes this packet will help you transition into Boy Scouting smoothly and get the necessary paperwork out of the way quickly. Before your next troop meeting, please review the attached In-processing Checklist and complete the attached forms. Parents should plan to stay the entire time so we can get to know you and provide you some basic training. Please let us know how to improve this packet for future members of the troop.

Thank you again for joining Troop 70. Through the dedicated efforts of all our families, their boys and yourselves will we continue to provide your son with the best the Boy Scouts of America have to offer. We look forward to seeing you at the next troop meeting, and at our monthly Troop Committee meetings.


Barry Walker

Patrick McDivitt