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Is Scouting expensive? what can I expect to pay in the first year?

posted Sep 24, 2008, 2:05 PM by Barry Walker
Yes, Scouting is expensive. Fund-raisers (such as popcorn sales) help the troop pay for new scout items, some training fees, troop camp fees and equipment.

One-time expenses:

Field uniform shirt, and insignia  $35-$40
Official BSA trousers and/or shorts  $32-$52
BSA Belt  $6.50-$11
Troop hat  $12
3 season sleeping bag, ground pad  
Mess kit, compass, & knife
(see Scoutmaster for more details)
One pair sturdy boots for hiking and camping 
(tennis shoes are not recommended)
Transfer fee (one time fee) between units,
such as pack-to-troop, troop-to-troop

Optional Items:

Optional tent (tents are boy/adult furnished, however, 
we double up in tents and not everyone needs one) 
Optional Activity t-shirt/hat  $4-$8 ea
Optional Patrol Leader Handbook  $9
 Other camping gear or specialized equipment as desired  

 Annual expenses:

 Annual BSA registration fees for both Scouts and Adult Leaders  $10
 Troop Dues  *
 Boys Life magazine  $12
Optional support to national program, Friends of Scouting. 
Families may contribute to local Council 
to help defray the costs of administering the BSA program. 

 Activity Based Expenses:

 Share of patrol food for weekend camp out
(4 meals)
 Camporee and other camp registration fees
(does not include meals, see above)

 Summer Camp: 7 days/6 nights