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Fund Raising

Fundraising activities will be conducted following National BSA guidelines.

Troop 70’s primary fund-raiser is the annual BSA Popcorn sales and the Black Forest Community Club Chili Dinner. Each scout is encouraged to participate as it benefits the troop and the scout. Other fund-raisers will be conducted as necessary.

Scout Accounts:

Each Scout may earn funds that are placed in a Scout Account with the Troop. These funds may be used by the Scout to pay for Scout camp, equipment, uniforms and other scouting needs.

Scouts requesting funds from their Scout Account will submit a request in writing with an estimate of the expense. Once purchased the Scout will supply the treasurer with a copy of a receipt.

If a Scout transfers to a new troop, he may request, in writing, that his account be transferred. The troop will then send a check to the gaining troop.

If the scout leaves the scouting program of Troop 70, his account will immediately revert back to the troop to be applied to the troop operating fund.