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Camp Outs


Camp out dates will be planned at Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meetings. An activity schedule will be planned by the PLC.


Some camp outs such as district Camporees and summer camps require activity fees. Most troop camp outs require patrols to plan and cook their own meals (all three meals on Saturday and Sunday breakfast). Patrol members pre-plan and buy food according to the Patrol Method described in the Boy Scout Handbook.

The budget for food and campsite fees on a typical camp out is $15 per Scout. Each Scout will provide $15 with their permission slip no later than (2) planning troop meetings in advance of the event. Refunds will only be granted if the Patrol Leader is notified before buying the food. Receipts for food purchases will be turned into the treasurer for reimbursement.


Fire, i.e., matches, lighters, etc., is prohibited inside tents. Playing with fire in any manner is prohibited. No fire may be built without explicit permission from the Scoutmaster or his representative and the Scout building the fire must show proof of having earned the FIREM’N CHIT.


Buddy cooking will be implemented at all backpacking camp outs. Patrol system cooking will be implemented at all tailgate camp outs.

Patrols will decide on either stove or fire cooking before the camp out. Fire cooking must be authorized by the Scoutmaster. Patrol leaders will post a duty roster with two people for cook, KP, fire duty (if necessary) and site cleanup for each meal.

Totin’ Chip

Anyone using any kind of wood cutting tool must have their Totin’ Chip with them. Any person playing with any cutting tool will have a corner cut off their Totin’ Chip, or the Totin’ Chip confiscated depending on the severity of the incident, as determined by the Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader or the Scoutmaster or representative. A Scout who loses a card in this way will not be able to earn it back for three months and then must have the approval of an Adult Scout Leader.

Sheath knives are not permitted on any camp outs. If a Scout is found to be carrying a sheath knife, an adult leader will confiscate the knife and the Scout's parents will have to pick the knife up. Folding knives in a case (I.E. Buck-style knives) are permitted (blade length 4” or under).

Camp Discipline

Playing with fire is prohibited. Scouts are not to leave the campsite without notifying the Senior Patrol Leader or an adult. Parents must check their scout out with the Scoutmaster or adult in charge.

The “Buddy System” is in effect at all times; Scouts may never leave the campsite without a buddy.

Radios and other electronic devices are not allowed at campsites. If such devices are brought to the activity, they will be confiscated by the adult leader and returned to the Scout when the activity is over.

Skits will be presented according to standards of good taste, as approved by the Senior Patrol Leader and Adult Leader.

Storing Food and Smellables

During a campout all food should be stored properly. In drive-in campgrounds food should be stored in a cooler or locked in a car. Food or candy should never be left in your tent, clothes pocket, sleeping bags or your pack.

In the backcountry food, candy and smellables should be stored away from your campsite and can be either hung in a bear bag (See BSA Field Book for hanging methods) or stored in bear-proof containers such as a bear canister or bear box. Smellables include all food items, candy, garbage, personal hygiene items (e.g. soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, lotions, etc.) anything else that has an odor.