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Website Organization

The address of this website is

The Troop 70 website contains two distinct parts:  a public site and a private site.  You are on the public site now.  Anyone can view the public site.  Because of that, you should not put personal information that you do not wish to share with the world in this section.  Only adult leaders can contribute to the public site, and they must be logged in to add or edit information.  The public site has a green background with a tree border at the top.  Anytime you see this scheme, you are on the public site.

The link to the private site is in the "Links" section of the column to the left of the screen.  It is labeled "Scout Site."  You must have a boyscouttroop70 login to view or change this site.  Information is more secure on this part of the site, but you should still use common sense in what you post.  Both adult leaders and scouts may contribute to this site.  The private site has a wood-grain background with no extra image at the top.  Anytime you see this scheme, you are on the private site.

Suggested Guidelines

Try to follow these practices in adding content to the site:
  • In the public section of the website, do not list names with pictures.
  • Do not list e-mail addresses unless they are your own.  If you list your own, understand that it will be picked up by web crawlers and put on spam lists.
  • In the public section of the website, identify people by first or last name, not both.  Use first name, last initial if needed.
  • Don't copy content from other websites without permission.  Use a link to that website instead.
  • Do not invite others to view the private parts of the website.
  • Think before posting!  If you don't want it come back to haunt you later, don't post it.

Login ID

Adults and youth scouts of Troop 70 will be assigned a login ID.  If you have not received your login, contact the web master (Barry Walker, at the moment).  When you are given your ID, you will also be given a unique password.  You should change this password as soon as possible.  Do not share your login ID or password with anyone.  To change your password, use the "Change Password" link in the "Links" section in the column to the left of the screen.

Signing In

You may view the public part of the site without signing in.  To sign in to add to the public site or view the private site, click the "Sign in" link at the bottom of the page.  You can tell you are signed in when you see your login ID at the top right of the page.  If you are on a public computer, make sure you sign out when you are finished by clicking the "Sign out" link at the top right, near where your login ID is located.

The first time you sign in, you will be asked to agree to the terms of service for this site.  These are Google's standard terms, and you are basically agreeing that you will not use the site for offensive information.  To agree, you must type the characters shown in the box, and check the box in the "I agree" section.  You only have to do this the first time you log in!

Adding News

Most of what you will do is add news to the site.  The news sections are all set up like blogs, where the most recent post is shown on top.  To add an item, first go to the appropriate page (Event News, Meeting News, Merit Badge News, or Other News) using the links in the "Navigation" section on the left side of the page.  Then click on the "New post" button at the top of the page.  You will not see this button unless you are logged in and are eligible to be a contributor on this page.  Again, only adults can contribute to the pages on the public part of the website.
Once you have clicked on "New post," a new page will come up that is the post editor.  To add your information:
  1. Change "Untitled Post" to the topic.  For example, if you were in "Event News" and you wanted to add information about a breakfast the troop is hosting, you might title it "Troop Breakfast."  This is the title line of your post, so keep it relatively brief.
  2. In the box immediately below the title, type in all your information.  You can format it much like you would if you were using a word processor such as Microsoft Word.  
  3. You can insert elements using the "Insert" menu.  This lets you insert horizontal lines, like the one above, or images or links to other documents or websites.  More on this later.
  4. In the "Format" menu, you can select header styles (which is what I did for the headings on this page).  Just select the text you want to make into a header and click the down arrow beside "Format."  Choose the size text you want.
  5. You can add tables using the "Table" menu.  
  6. The "Layout" menu lets you choose whether you want your post to be one column or two.  Usually, you'll want to use one.
  7. The buttons below the menu line let you choose font style, size, and attributes like bold or color.  You can also choose alignment:  left, center, or right.  To make text into bullets or a numbered list, first click the button (marked with lines 1,2,3 or bullets), then type in your text.  Each time you hit "enter," you'll get a new line with a new bullet or number.
  8. To add an image to your post, choose the down arrow button by the "Insert" menu, then click on "Image." 
    1. If you have a picture on your computer that you would like to put on the website, make sure the radio button before "Uploaded images" is selected.  Then click the "Browse" button to look on your computer  and find the file.  When you've chosen the file, wait until you see a copy of your image in the box.  Then, the "Add image" button will be enabled, and you can click it to upload your image from your computer to the website. 
    2. If, instead, you need to add a picture from another website, click the radio button before the "Web address (URL) selection.  Then you'll type in the web address of the image you want.  The web address will probably end in ".jpg" or ".gif".  Make sure you have permission to use the image, though!  When you have correctly listed a web address, you'll see the image in the box.  When you're sure you've got the correct image, click on the "Add image" button.
    3. Once you've added your image, you will see it in your post with a blue box at the top or bottom.  You can select the alignment by clicking "L" "C" or "R".  "C," for example, will center your picture within the post.  You can also select a small, medium, large or "original" size for your picture.  Usually, medium or large will work best, depending on the size of your original picture.  Original size will often be too big. 
    4. If you loose the blue box for editing your picture and you still need to make changes, just click on the image and it will reappear.
    5. Use good sense when adding pictures.  Please, nothing embarrassing!
  9. Attachments can be added to a post by clicking the plus button in front of "Attachments."  Use attachments for things like permission slips or worksheets that people may need to print out.  Or, maybe you have a great picture from a camp out and want to share it with everyone.  You can attach a picture file, too.  You could put a small version of the image in your post and attach the larger sized image in a file, in case anyone else wanted to print it.
  10. If you need to stop in the middle of creating your announcement, you can click the "Save Draft" button.  This will save the page, but it won't be published for everyone to see. 
  11. When you're finished, click "Save" to publish your post. 
  12. If you make a mistake and want to close without posting, click the "Cancel" button.

Changing a News Item

You may also edit a news item to add or correct information.  To do this, go to the original item, and click the button with the pencil and "Edit Page."  Following the above instructions for Adding News to change your page.

Adding A Comment

You may also add a comment to the end of a news post.  A comment is a good way to add your opinion or possibly additional information to someone else's post.  If you're changing your own post, you may wish to just edit the original post, instead.  You can see an example of a  comment in the post "Trail to First Class Weekend" in the Event News section.

To do that, first click on the title of the post.  This will bring up a page with only that post on it.  Then, scroll down to the bottom.  You will see a button with a plus sign on it followed by the word "Comment."  Click on the plus box.  This will open a box where you can type in your comment.  When you're finished adding a comment, click the "Add comment" button to publish your comment.