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Radio Merit Badge

posted Oct 13, 2008, 8:22 AM by Karen Walker   [ updated Oct 13, 2008, 4:28 PM ]
Mr. Evans will be the counselor for the RADIO merit badge.  We will have our first session of possibly three sessions beginning Oct. 7 at the Community Club merit badge session.  ALL Scouts interested are welcome to attend my sessions.

The RADIO merit badge is not a difficult merit badge but a lot of technical information is presented over the course of the three sessions.  The material presented will more than adequately prepare each Scout for working on and completing all the requirements.  Scouts may focus on one of three areas of interest for requirement 9 - Amateur Radio, Broadcast Radio, or Shortwave Listening.  I will be focusing on Amateur Radio since I am a licensed "Ham" Radio Operator but it is not a requirement that all Scouts follow the Amateur Radio focus area.  Those choosing to follow the Broadcast Radio path will need access to an AM or FM radio to receive local broadcasts.  Those choosing the Shortwave Listening path will need access to a decent shortwave receiver.

  I highly recommend that those interested obtain the new RADIO merit badge pamphlet with the color cover since it is chock full of useful information.  I will have 5 merit badge pamphlets available at the meeting for those who can't make it to the Scout Shop before tomorrow evening.  These may be purchased at cost ($4.82) or borrowed for the length of the course.  A Scout could read the pamphlet completely and complete almost all requirements on paper.  The presentations will reinforce the material in the pamphlet.

  I will also provide additional handout material to include course slides and workbooks to answer/meet the requirements for the merit badge.

  At some point, Scouts will need to "visit" my amateur radio station.   I plan to setup a complete portable station at a convenient time/location for all Scouts and parents to see for requirement 7.

Attached is the list of requirements for the NEW version of the pamphlet, which I will be presenting.  Hope to see you there on Tuesday evening.

John Evans, ASM, Troop 70
Karen Walker,
Oct 13, 2008, 8:30 AM