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This page contains information on events.  Look here for the who, what, when, where scoop on upcoming events or a  recap of those recently held.

Balck Forest Festival

posted Jul 17, 2012, 10:52 AM by Carlan Walker   [ updated Jul 24, 2012, 4:39 PM ]

The annual Black Forest Festival is coming up on Saturday, August 11 this year. 

Our troop helps with the pancake breakfast, which usually starts at around 6 AM. If you can, come earlier to help set up tables.  We will have people working at the drink table, bringing food to the serving line, and tables (picking up trash, refilling drinks, et cetera).

Our troop also marches in the parade after the breakfast.  We are usually near the front, holding an American flag and a troop banner or flag.

If you are participating in either part, please wear your field uniform and name tag.

I will update with more details as soon as I can get them. 

High Plains Camporee

posted Mar 21, 2010, 6:56 AM by Bill Beiswenger

The High Plains Camporee on April 23-25, 2010 has come up quickly!
It is held in Bethune, CO...see attached packet for more detail.
This is a Merit Badge camp, see attached packet for all the different badges offered.
OA call out is done at this camp, a very cool ceremony I've heard. If you have been elected to OA, let me know if you want to be called out at this camp.
You may register at the March 30 and April 6 troop meetings,
Payment is required at registration of $15.00 per person.
Deadline to register is April 6th.
There will be First Class Trail, Inter-Troop Competitions, Merit Badges, and campfires.
Don't miss this event!

Jamboree District Fall Camporee

posted Aug 22, 2009, 12:36 PM by Bill Beiswenger

2009 Jamboree Fall Camporee

100 years of Adventure, 1910-2010


Date: September 25-27, 2009

Location: Turkey Creek, same site as last year.

Patrol based program, patrols limited to 4 to 10 scouts.

Each Scout will receive a patch for attendance.

Possible events: First Aid, Fire starting, Knot challenge, Orienteering, Shelter building, Ground to Air survival, Wilderness Survival, and Archery.

Dinner: dutch oven cook-off.

Campfire Saturday night.


Any interested scouts and adults should let me know if they are interested in attending. Jamboree District would like a head count ASAP for planning purposes.


Payment will be due Tuesday September 8 at the Troop meeting since we have a Committee meeting on September 15. $15.00 camping fee and $5.00 ride fee will apply.


Planning for the event will be Tuesday September 22


Last year this event was a blast for the scouts and the Troop 70 patrol won the event. I’m looking forward to a good representation from the Troop.

BSA swim test

posted Apr 25, 2009, 7:25 AM by Bill Beiswenger   [ updated Apr 25, 2009, 7:28 AM ]

We are having our next troop meeting at the
 Briargate YMCA, April 28, 7:00 pm in the pool! 
4025 Family Pl
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 282-9622
Bring your swim suit, towel, dry clothes to go home in, water bottle & snack to eat on the way home...swimming makes you hungry!
Please have your suits on and be ready to get in the water at 7:00 pm if at all possible, since there will be many scouts needing this for summer camp.  If you can't make the meeting/swim, you can
get this done at Camp Dobbins, but you have to arrange it with Aquatics or Scoutmaster at camp.
Our goal is to help all scouts in the troop get Swimmer qualified or renewed for the upcoming Summer Camp, and other troop events:    white water rafting sometime this summer and Lake Pueblo canoeing at the end of summer. So if you plan to attend any of these events, we'll see you Tuesday!
Below is the requirement to get in the water at summer will be listed as a
Swimmer, Beginner or Non-swimmer based on the following:
The swim classification tests should be renewed annually for all scouts.
The swimmer test demonstrates the minimum level of swimming ability for recreational and instructional activity in a confined body of water with a maximum 12 foot depth and with shallow water footing or a pool or pier edge always within 24 feet of the swimmer.
The various components of each test evaluate the several skills essential to the minimum level of swimming ability. Each step of the test is important and should be followed as listed below:

(also 1st class rqmt 9b.)
Jump feet first into water over the head in depth, level off, and begin swimming.
Swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes:
side stroke, breast stroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an
easy resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be swum continuously and include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating.

(also 2nd class rqmt 7b.)
Jump feet first into water over the head in depth, level off, swim 25 feet on the surface, stop, turn sharply, resume swimming as before, and return to starting place.
Refer to your handbooks for more information.
If you are interested in completing the Swimming Merit Badge, Bill and I will be starting a merit badge session soon...details to follow. Please let us know if you are interested.
Yours in Scouting,
Catherine Beiswenger

T-shirt Design contest

posted Feb 19, 2009, 1:44 PM by Kathy Miley

We are having a contest to design the Troop 70 Boy Scout shirt/sweatshirt for summer camp 2009.  If possible, a hat will also be made with this design.  This design, if approved by the committee, will also be used as a sign for the new troop trailer.  Each design needs to include the words “Troop 70”. Exact colors submitted may be altered in the final design. Deadline for designs will be March 3.  Scouts in Troop 70 are the only eligible participants.  Contact Kathy Miley for further information and the maximum size for submission ideas.

Communication Merit Badge

posted Feb 4, 2009, 10:06 AM by Kathy Miley

On Feb 17, Bill Bieswenger has agreed to work on the Communication Merit Badge during the regular meeting time (Merit Badge night).  If you want a jump start, requirement #4 states the scout must attend a public meeting.  I will be with Winston and any other scout that wants to attend the public school board meeting tomorrow night, Feb 5.  This is for the District 20 school board which meets at the District 20 administrative building (near to the Chapel Hills Mall) on Chapel Hills Road.  The meeting starts at 1730 (5:30p) and we will meet out front the building around 5:10-5:15 so we can all walk in together.  If your son is interested, see you there... Kathy Miley 282-9292

Waldo Canyon Hike

posted Nov 22, 2008, 8:59 AM by Bill Beiswenger   [ updated Nov 22, 2008, 9:04 AM ]

The Waldo Canyon hike turned out to be another successful event for the troop. The weather was perfect and the scenery along the hike was beautiful. What a great place we have all chosen to live. My thanks to all the adult leaders, Mr. Cenusa, Mr. Doty and Mr. Erler that attended the hike and helped make the event possible. Special thanks to ASPL Garrett W. who taught the scouts how to use a GPS and the fun of Geocaching. This made the hike more enjoyable as the scouts worked together to find the Geocache. They were very successful and found each item they were looking for.

Winter camping anyone?

posted Oct 18, 2008, 7:57 PM by Kathy Miley

Cecil, from the Air Force Academy is inquiring if anyone might be interested in a winter camping trip.?.  I'm looking for anyone interested.  Here is what Cecil was thinking for the Winter Weekend


Fri -  530 meet at OAP and head to Farrish Recreation

Sat Morning Cross Country ski trip around farish

Sat afternoon, work on building snow shelters (camp in them if they want)

Sun  - morning snow shoe hike, break camp and head home


Rough plan, Let me know what you think


 the other questions,

would be do you want to tent camp the two nights? (cheapest) or stay in the cabins?

Or just meet up there sat morning and do 1 night of camping?

Do you want us to supply food?

I assume all would need skis and snowshoes?
If you are intersted, post some ideas.  I've asked Cecil to price out cost for a trip per person.  kathy

Trail to First Class Weekend

posted Oct 13, 2008, 4:05 PM by Karen Walker   [ updated Oct 14, 2008, 12:16 PM by Barry Walker ]

The Trail to First Class weekend was a huge success. The camp site at Chris Dobbins was fantastic. We lucked out with warm weather and minimal rain. My thanks to all the parents that assisted with driving and helping their scouts with food purchasing. Special thanks to the Scout instructors who taught and assisted the younger scouts to earn their requirements. Special thanks to Kathy Miley for not only teaching rank advancement, but for also teaching the First Aid merit badge. Thank you John Cenusa, John Evans, Barry Walker, Catherine Beiswenger and Pat McDivitt, your help made the weekend run smooth and provided the assistance needed by the Scout instructors. 6 merit badges were completed, 7 scouts earned Firem'n Chit, 4 earned Totin' Chip. Multiple Tenderfoot, Second and First Class requirements were earned including First Aid, Lashings, Orienteering and Cooking. The Scouts also did a 1.5 hour conservation project repairing trails at the camp. Troop 70 Rocks!!


Troop 70 Wins Survivor 2008 Fall Camporee

posted Oct 13, 2008, 4:00 PM by Barry Walker   [ updated Oct 13, 2008, 4:05 PM by Karen Walker ]

Boy Scout Troop 70 recently attended and won top honor of the "ULTIMATE SURVIVORs" at the Jamboree District Survivor 2008 Fall Camporee at Turkey Creek Ranch just south of Colorado Springs on September 19-21, 2008.  The Eagle Patrol used their skills in Orienteering, First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness, Knot Tying and Lashing.  They took 2nd place in the Scout Dinner Cook Off under the direction of Patrol Cook and it was his first time cooking! 
The Eagle Patrol "Outwitted-Outplayed and Outlasted" all the other participants!

Boy Scout Troop 70, Eagle Patrol at Survivor 2008 Fall Camporee:
 the campfire, the Eagles build a Survivor fire and get a "perfect 10" for the competition. 

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